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The Sports USA provides sports news related to the NFL, NBA, MLB, F1, NHL, EPL, Super Bowl, MMA, UFC, Golf, Soccer, and Tennis. We are also sharing the biographies of the sports players. We always put the latest news first, according to our viewers. A viewer-centered news experience has always been our goal, and we pride ourselves on giving the most informative and viral sports-related news.

You’ve come to the perfect location if you enjoy sports! Sports enthusiasts, just like you, created thesportsusa.com. Our website is updated continuously as new information becomes available, frequently in the form of news releases from every major American professional sports league and all NCAA leagues.

Who is the Founder of The Sports USA?

My name is Nishant Sharma and I am a YouTuber and blogger related to sports news. I did a postgraduate in commerce in 2017 and have 4 awards in social media marketing. I did two diplomas in Ethical Hacking and Systems & Networking from NIIT in the year 2011.

I am from Kanpur India and currently live in Canada. I am a sports fanatic just like you. If someone has any queries related to me, contact me on Facebook and Instagram.