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Anderson da Silva is a boxer and MMA fighter from Brazil. He previously held the title of UFC Middleweight Champion for a record-setting 2,457 days.

Beginning in 2006 and ending in 2013, this streak included a record-setting 16 wins in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Anderson Silva Early Life

Anderson da Silva was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, on April 14, 1975. Anderson was raised by his aunt and uncle, not from a wealthy family.

He acquired his jiu-jitsu skills through regular practice sessions with other children in his neighborhood. Over time, he received training in various forms of martial arts, including capoeira, muay Thai, and taekwondo.

Anderson Silva worked at McDonald’s before pursuing a career as a professional fighter. In addition, he held a position as a file clerk.

Anderson Silva Career

Anderson Silva made his professional debut in Brazil. He emerged victorious in a welterweight division match in 1997 and followed it up with another win in 1998.

After his loss in 2000, Anderson Silva went on to win his next nine fights. He gained significant attention when he became the first fighter to defeat Hayato Sakurai, making headlines.

After defeating the Japanese fighter, he secured a place in the Pride Fighting Championships, an organization based in Japan.

Silva emerged victorious against formidable opponents such as Carlos Newton and Alex Stribling during his time in Pride.

However, Silva’s devastating loss against Daiju Takase almost led him to retire from MMA. After defeating Jeremy Horn, Silva joined Cage Rage.

After defeating Lee Murray in Cage Rage, Anderson Silva returned to Pride for his final bout with the company. After losing to Ryo Chonan, he was dropped from Pride.

During his fight against Yushin Okami, he initially defeated Tony Fryklund. Still, he was later disqualified due to kicking a downed opponent.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva UFC Career

Anderson Silva became a member of the UFC in 2006. He debuted by delivering a knockout blow to Chris Leben in the first round, taking only 49 seconds to secure the victory.

He claimed the middleweight belt after securing a comfortable win over Rich Franklin. Silva successfully defended his championship against opponents like Nate Marquardt and Dan Henderson before stepping up to the light heavyweight division to defeat James Irvin.

In 2008, Anderson Silva had his first lackluster battle against Patrick Côté. Despite his victory, spectators were annoyed by Silva’s deliberate avoidance of contact with his opponent during the entire fight.

He angered fans and Dana White as he did to Thales Leites. 2009 Anderson Silva achieved a more satisfying victory over Forrest Griffin, earning “Knockout of the Night.”

In 2010, Anderson Silva again caused embarrassment for the UFC by baiting his opponent and continuously circling the octagon without actively engaging in the fight.

Despite his eventual victory, many people started to support his opponent, Demian Maia, because he was actively engaging in the battle. Later that year, Anderson Silva faced Chael Sonnen in a highly anticipated match.

During the fight, Sonnen landed several powerful blows on Anderson Silva , resulting in a knockout. Fortunately, Silva managed to secure a submission and escape, ultimately winning.

Silva emerged victorious in his matches against Vitor Belfort and Yushin Okami. In 2012, he emerged victorious once again.

However, his previously invincible reputation was shattered when he suffered a defeat against Chris Weidman. Silva again started to show off in the second round but ultimately got knocked out by the underdog.

Silva’s rematch also concluded as he suffered significant fractures to his left leg when Weidman successfully blocked his leg kick, ultimately ending the fight.

The damage was severe enough to require major surgery and several months to recover. In 2015, Silva emerged victorious in his initial bout in the UFC. However, he subsequently faced repercussions after testing positive for multiple prohibited substances.

In 2016, Silva faced off against Michael Bisping, despite being banned for a rule violation.

A unanimous decision defeated him. In 2016, he suffered another defeat at the hands of Daniel Cormier. However, in 2017, he secured a victory against Derek Brunson.

In 2019, Anderson Silva experienced losses at the hands of Israel Adesanya and Jared Cannonier, which marked a significant turning point in his career, suggesting its conclusion.

As of 2019, Anderson Silva’s fights have garnered nearly 10 million pay-per-view purchases.

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

Silva demonstrated a strong competitive spirit throughout the match and emerged victorious in several closely contested moments, delivering powerful shots.

However, Paul’s size and youth ultimately proved advantageous, leading to Silva’s defeat due to his advanced age.

In the main Showtime PPV event at Desert Diamond Arena, the 25-year-old social media personality turned boxer Paul (6-0, 4 KOs) demonstrated his skills by rallying for a knockdown in the eighth round.

This impressive move ultimately secured him a unanimous decision. Paul emerged victorious in a highly anticipated match against Anderson Silva , a renowned former UFC middleweight champion. The judges’ 77-74 and 78-73 scores confirmed Paul’s well-deserved win.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva Biography in Brief

Name:Anderson da Silva
Nick Name:Spider Man, Dancing spider, Spider
Born:14 April 1975
Height:6′ 2″ft
Country of Origin:São Paulo, Brazil
Net Worth/Salary $ 10Million
Wife/GirlfriendDayane Silva
Relationship Statusmarried
Kids- Kalyl, Gabriel, Joao, Kaory, and Kauana.
FatherJuarez Silva
MotherVera Lúcia da Silva
SiblingsCristian Edmundo Silva
Social MediaTwitter – Instagram – Facebook

Anderson Silva Net Worth

Anderson Silva’s net worth is approximately $10 million. The value has experienced a significant increase of 110% in the past few years.

Net price is calculated by considering various income sources, such as contract earnings, brand endorsements, and personal investments.

He earns approximately $620,000 per fight, with an additional $50,000 bonus if he wins Performance or Fight Of The Night.

In his fight against Derek Brunson in February 2017, he earned a total of $820,000, which included an additional $200,000 as a win bonus.

Anderson Silva Salary

The Brazilian fighter’s primary sources of wealth include his involvement in the UFC, Mixed Martial Arts, and his gym, as well as various endorsement deals and movie appearances.

In his most recent UFC fight against Uriah Hall, he earned a staggering $620,000. He has made a total of $8,732,000 from his UFC fights.

Anderson Silva is ranked as the fourth highest-paid fighter in the UFC.

Silva also appeared as an underground fighter in the movie “Never Surrender” (2009). In 2011, a documentary titled “Like Water” was released, which focused on his life.

In 2019, Silva had a significant role as an Assassin in the Hong Kong movie “The Invincible Dragon.” In addition to his earnings from his profession, Anderson Silva also generates a substantial income through endorsement deals.

He has secured endorsement deals with prominent brands such as Burger King, Reebok, Nike, and the Brazilian football club Corinthians.

He is also the inaugural client of 9INE, a sports marketing company co-owned by his friend and former Brazilian football star Ronaldo.

His annual income from these brands was reported to be approximately $1.2 million. He has a strong passion for luxurious cars and possesses an impressive collection.

Among his prized possessions are a Mercedes-Benz SLS and a Chevrolet Camaro SS. Additionally, he was generously gifted a Bentley Continental GT by UFC President Dana White and Zuffa CEO Lorenzo Fertitta.

He purchased a house in Los Angeles, California, for $1.7 million in 2012. However, after six years, he sold it for $4.9 million. Additionally, he possesses a residence in Curitiba, Brazil.

Anderson Silva’s Endorsements

2011 Anderson Silva secured sponsorship contracts with Nike and the Brazilian soccer team Corinthians. The 47-year-old entrepreneur sells clothing and provides life advice through his brand, Spider Kick.

In addition, he had sponsorship agreements with Burger King. He was represented by 9INE Sports Marketing, co-owned by the renowned football legend Ronaldo.

Anderson Silva Relationship

Since 2017, Anderson and Dayane Silva have lived together in wedded bliss. In addition to the fact that she is Silva’s wife, she is well-known in the world of social media for her work there.

Because Dayane wants to avoid drawing attention to herself, very little is known about her private life outside of the context of her work.

In 2019, he became a citizen of the United States. Anderson Silva has remarked that, even though many people have referred to him as the finest “pound-for-pound” fighter in the history of the UFC, he believes that honor should go to B.J. Penn, who is his buddy. Anderson Silva enjoys reading comic books just as much as anyone else.

Anderson and Dayane tied the knot in 2017, but their love story dates back to when they were teenagers. They have several children who were born throughout their marriage.

Their children’s names are Kalyl, Gabriel, Joao, Kaory, and Kauana.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva Fun Facts

  1. A Brazilian mixed martial artist and boxer, Anderson da Silva is widely recognized in combat sports.
  2. Anderson Silva, a former UFC Middleweight Champion, boasts an impressive record of holding the title for the most extended duration in UFC history, spanning an incredible 2,457 days.
  3. Anderson Silva is set to be inducted into the prestigious UFC Hall of Fame in July 2023.
  4. On April 14, 1975, Anderson Silva debuted in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  5. Anderson Silva began his professional career in 1997, achieving success with two consecutive victories.
  6. In 2000, Anderson Silva suffered his first loss to Luiz Azeredo, who emerged victorious by decision.
  7. In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Anderson Silva emerged victorious over Sakurai by unanimous decision after three intense rounds. This impressive victory earned Silva the esteemed title of Shooto Middleweight Champion. It marked the first defeat for Sakurai, who had maintained an undefeated record in his first 20 fights.
  8. In 2002, Anderson Silva was set to compete against Matt Hughes, the reigning UFC Welterweight Champion. He would later be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. This fight was scheduled to take place at UFC 36.
  9. However, instead of signing a contract, Anderson Silva chose to join PRIDE Fighting Championships and began his career there.
  10. At Pride 25, Anderson Silva competed against Carlos Newton, a former UFC welterweight champion.
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