Austin Reaves :Bio, Age, Net Worth 2023 , Career

Austin Tyler Reaves is a basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA.

During college, he was a basketball player for both the Wichita State Shockers and the Oklahoma Sooners. He became a member of the Lakers without being selected in the draught as a free agent.

Austin Reaves Early Life

Austin Reaves is a basketball player who attended Cedar Ridge High School in Cedar Ridge, Arkansas. He began playing basketball at a young age and developed a strong passion for the sport.

Throughout high school, he excelled in basketball and was recognized as one of the best players in the state. He was honored to be selected for the All-State team for three consecutive seasons.

He played basketball in college, starting at Wichita State and then transferring to the University of Oklahoma. He was a member of the Oklahoma team from 2018 to 2021.

While playing for Oklahoma, Reaves stood out as one of the best players on the team. He received several awards and honors, such as being recognized as one of the top players in the Big 12 conference during his junior and senior seasons.

He significantly guided the Sooners to the NCAA Tournament in the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons.

Austin Reaves Family

Austin Reaves is a person who was born in Newark, Arkansas, USA. The parents of the person in question are Nicole Wilkett and Brian Reaves.

His parents were basketball players for Arkansas State University.

Austin greatly admires his brother, Spencer Reaves, because he has sparked Austin’s interest in basketball.

Spencer Reaves is a professional basketball player who previously played college basketball for North Greenville and Central Missouri.

Austin Reaves

Austin Reaves Early Career

Austin Reaves, a talented basketball player, started his impressive basketball journey in high school and continued playing in college.

Reaves encountered difficulties, but he demonstrated his abilities and perseverance, which led to him receiving recognition and admiration.

Let’s explore the fascinating and motivational narrative of this individual. Reaves’ basketball journey started in high school, where he showed remarkable skill and potential.

Austin Reaves Rookie Years

Reaves demonstrated his value during his first season playing for the Lakers. He played his first NBA game on October 22, 2021, and came off the bench to score eight points against the Phoenix Suns.

Reaves showed his ability to play in different positions and score goals, which helped the team do well. The player had an impressive performance in the Lakers’ last game of the season.

He scored 31 points, grabbed 16 rebounds, and made ten assists, achieving his first triple-double. He reached double digits in three statistical categories in a single game.

The Los Angeles Lakers basketball team was competing against the Denver Nuggets basketball team.

Austin Reaves Professional Career

In his first year of college, he scored an average of 4.1 points per game while coming off the bench. After the season ended, Reaves had surgery to fix a torn labrum in his right shoulder.

This injury had happened three times during his time in college, which resulted in him missing some games.

On January 28, 2018, he had a perfect match in his second year of playing. He scored 23 points and helped his team by making four assists in a 90-71 victory over Tulsa.

In the first half, Reaves made seven shots from beyond the three-point line, the highest number of three-pointers made in a single half in the history of our program.

During his second year of college, he consistently scored 8.1 points and grabbed 3.1 rebounds per game. He also had an impressive shooting accuracy of 42.5 percent from the three-point range.

After completing his second season, Reaves transferred to Oklahoma. However, he could not play the following season because of NCAA transfer regulations.

Austin Reaves

Austin Reaves Biography in Brief

Name:Austin Tyler Reaves
Nick Name:AR-15
Age:25 years
Born:29 May 1998
Height:6′ 5″ft
Country of Origin:American
Net Worth/Salary $ 2Million
Wife/GirlfriendJenna Barber
Relationship StatusMarried
Kids-  two children
Father Brian Reaves
MotherNicole Wilkett
SiblingsSpencer Reaves
Social MediaTwitter – Instagram – Facebook

Austin Reaves Net Worth 2023

Austin Reaves, a well-known professional basketball player from the United States, has accumulated a net worth of $5 million.

Based on information from reliable sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg, Austin Reaves, a well-known American professional basketball player, is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $5 Million.

Austin Reaves has accumulated considerable wealth through his successful career as a professional basketball player. Austin has earned his net worth by entering into agreements with professional basketball teams.

He currently plays professional basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers. He joined the team in 2021 and has played different games since then.

Austin Reaves Net Worth Growth

He has participated in many games throughout his career, which has helped him progress in his basketball career.

Austin Reaves earns his main income by signing contracts with professional basketball teams.

He earns income by attending events and promoting brands for companies. He earns a significant amount of money every year from his profession.

Austin Reaves Current Contract

A basketball player, Austin Reaves, recently agreed to a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. The contract is for four years and is worth $53,827,872.

This means that Austin is guaranteed to receive the total amount of $53,827,872. On average, he will earn $13,456,968 per year throughout the contract.

In the 2023-24 season, Reaves will receive a base salary of $12,015,150. This amount is also known as his cap hit, which counts toward the team’s salary cap.

The dead cap value of $12,015,150 also refers to the amount that would still count against the team’s salary cap if Reaves were released or traded.

Austin Reaves

Austin Reaves Endorsements

During his second season playing for the Lakers, Reaves secured a long-term partnership with a Chinese company called Rigorer, which specializes in manufacturing shoes.

He is the first athlete to represent the brand in the NBA, and his shoes are very impressive in appearance.

Players not selected in the NBA Draught are less likely to secure endorsement deals with well-known shoe companies.

In a similar situation, Alex Caruso, a former player for the Lakers, also signed a shoe deal with ANTA a few seasons ago. The Laker’s branding is considered valuable.

Rigour is a Chinese brand that focuses on creating high-quality basketball products.

Austin ReavesLatest News Update

Jalen Green had an awe-inspiring season last year, breaking several records. As a result, there is a lot of anticipation and high expectations for him this season.

During this time when no official games are happening, he has been participating in practice matches against the national team of the United States.

As a member of the USA Select team, he has performed exceptionally well against the team that will be participating in the FIBA World Cup.

A recent report mentioned that he received support that could help him surpass Austin ‘Hillbilly Kobe’ Reaves from the Los Angeles Lakers. On Day 3 of the scrimmages, Reaves took control of the situation and made a move that embarrassed Green.

Austin Reaves Personal Life

When it comes to celebrity gossip and rumors, people often find themselves talking about the personal lives of athletes.

There have been rumors circulating about Austin Reaves potentially dating Jenna Barber, but it’s important to note that there hasn’t been any official confirmation about their relationship.

It is essential to prioritize and protect their privacy by only making assumptions if solid evidence supports them.

Additionally, it is necessary to note that there have been rumors circulating about a possible romantic relationship between Austin Reaves and pop star Taylor Swift.

It is essential to mention that these rumors have yet to be officially confirmed. Reaves’ brother has playfully criticized the story about Taylor Swift dating on social media.

It is essential to wait for official confirmation from Taylor Swift or Austin Reaves before considering this news accurate. Currently, it is only speculation.

Austin Reaves

Austin Reaves Martial Status

Reaves Material is married, and his wife is Jenna Barber. He has two children, but we don’t have their names. We will update this information as soon as we have it.

Austin Reaves Conclusion

Austin Reaves, a basketball player, has achieved significant success. He started from a small town called Newark, Arkansas, and is now gaining recognition as a promising talent in the NBA.

He has become well-known for his exceptional skills and commitment to the game, which has earned him a reputation as a talented shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Reaves’ journey is an excellent source of inspiration for athletes who want to succeed. It highlights the significance of working hard and never giving up on achieving your goals.

Austin Reaves Fun Facts

  • According to, Austin Reaves became a member of the Lakers in 2021 as a free agent who was not selected in the NBA Draught. On August 3, 2021, he agreed to a contract with the Lakers that allowed him to play for both the Lakers and their G League team. Then, in September before the 2021-2022 season began, he was given a regular contract to play exclusively for the Lakers.
  • Austin Reaves has a height of 6 feet and 5 inches.
  • Austin Reaves has the ability to perform a basketball move called a dunk, where he jumps high and forcefully throws the ball through the hoop. We have uploaded a video on YouTube showcasing some of Reaves’ most impressive dunks during the 2021 to 2022 season while he was playing for the Lakers.


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