Diana Taurasi :Bio, Age ,News, Net Worth 2023 and Career

Diana Taurasi , or Diana Lorena Taurasi is a highly skilled basketball player from the United States.

She is a member of the Phoenix Mercury, a professional women’s basketball team in the WNBA.

Many people believe she is one of the best female basketball players ever. In the 2004 WNBA draught, the Phoenix team selected her as the first overall pick.

Diana Taurasi Early Life

Diana Taurasi, a professional basketball player, was born on June 11, 1982, in Glendale, California.

She attended Don Antonio Lugo High School in Chino, California, where she performed exceptionally well in basketball and soccer.

2000 she received the prestigious Naismith High School Player of the Year award.

After that, she continued her basketball career by playing for the University of Connecticut in college.

Diana Taurasi

Diana Taurasi Family And Other

Diana Taurasi, a professional basketball player, is married to Penny Taylor, who used to play for the Phoenix Suns basketball team.

The couple has two daughters named Leo and Liliana. Taurasi’s height is approximately 6 feet, and her weight is around 165 pounds.

Diana Taurasi is regarded as one of the most accomplished and skilled basketball players in history.

She has won the WNBA championship three times, been the top scorer in the WNBA four times, and been named the Most Valuable Player twice.

She has received many prestigious awards and honors throughout her career.

These include the Naismith Women’s College Player of the Year Award, four ESPY Awards, and the WNBA Most Valuable Player Award.

Taurasi is in a marital relationship with Penny Taylor, a former basketball player for the Phoenix Suns.

They have two daughters together. The person in question is approximately 6 feet tall and weighs about 165 pounds.

Diana Taurasi Career Details

In 2004, the Phoenix Mercury signed Taurasi. Taurasi scored 22 points in her debut and averaged 17 points for the season despite a losing record the year before.

Despite her team missing the playoffs, Taurasi was an All-Star and Rookie of the Year.

She averaged 16 points each round the following season despite an ankle ailment. Though an All-Star, her club missed the playoffs. The Mercury was excited to get a new coach and another outstanding rookie the following season.

Taurasi’s 2006 Mercury season was remarkable. She led the league in scoring and set a season record under Westhead. Taurasi averaged 25 points and made 121 three-pointers, a WNBA record. Despite her efforts, the Mercury missed the playoffs.

The Mercury won the 2007 WNBA Finals against the Detroit Shock. Taurasi was named WNBA Finals MVP again in 2009.

Only two players have won a season-scoring championship, season MVP, WNBA Championship, and finals MVP in one season.

Despite injuries, Diana succeeded. Due to many wounds, she played only eight matches in 2012 and missed the rest of the season. In 2013, she led her team to the playoffs.

She signed an extension with the Mercury in May 2017 and became the first player to score 7,000 points, 1,500 rebounds, and 1,500 assists. In June of that year, she became the all-time WNBA scorer.

Diana Taurasi

Diana Taurasi Biography in Brief

Name:Diana Lorena Taurasi
Nick Name:White Mamba
Age:41 years
Born:11 June 1982
Height:6′ 0″ft
Weight:150 lbs
Country of Origin: Chino, California, U.S.
Net Worth/Salary $5 Million
Wife/GirlfriendPenny Taylor
Relationship StatusMarried
Kids- 2 Daughter
FatherMario Taurasi
MotherLiliana Taurasi
SiblingsJessika Taurasi
Social MediaTwitter – Instagram – Facebook

Diana Taurasi Latest News Update in Details

Taurasi has consistently scored over 19 points per game throughout her career. In 2006, she achieved her highest scoring average of 25.3 points in a single season.

The person mentioned scored higher than Tina Thompson, who is in second place on the scoring list. The difference between their scores is more than 2,500 points. Tina Thompson has a score of 7,488 points.

Diana Taurasi quickly received a pass and immediately released a shot from her fingertips. The shot was a successful 3-point shot that went into the net smoothly, similar to many other successful photos.

On Thursday night, Taurasi, a Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) player, achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first player in the league’s history to score 10,000 points.

She accomplished this feat during the third quarter of the game against the Atlanta Dream, with 8 minutes and 23 seconds left on the clock.

After Taurasi made the shot, the crowd in Phoenix became very excited and started cheering loudly. Her teammates gathered around her in a circle, jumping up and down and celebrating together.

Taurasi expressed her satisfaction with the night, stating that it was an excellent experience for the fans and the city.

I am grateful for my teammates because, in moments like this, we all contribute and share in the success. The person was very insistent and wanted me to complete the task tonight.

Taurasi had an outstanding performance, showcasing her incredible skills and reminding everyone of her impressive career.

She scored a season-high 42 points, making 12 of 21 shots, including 6 of 13 from 3-point range. In addition, she completed all 12 of her free throws, contributing to the team’s victory with a final score of 91-71 for the Mercury.

Diana Taurasi Net Worth

Diana Taurasi, a professional basketball player, has accumulated significant wealth throughout her career.

Her estimated net worth is an impressive $5 million. As a basketball superstar, she earns a substantial amount of money.

She earns in a year from playing for the Phoenix Mercury basketball team is $225,000.

Furthermore, her substantial wealth is due to her endorsement agreements with prominent companies such as Nike and Coca-Cola.

Diana Taurasi

Diana Taurasi Personal Life

Diana Taurasi has achieved success through her determination. She has won three WNBA championships and five WNBA MVP awards and is admired as a role model by many due to her impressive personal life.

She has achieved a lot in her life, as seen through her age, net worth, and marital status. Learn more about her and find inspiration from her journey.

Diana Taurasi Husband

Diana Taurasi is married to Penny Taylor, who used to play in the WNBA and currently works as the director of player development and performance for the Mercury team.

At their wedding, Penny had an essential job with the Phoenix Mercury basketball team.

She was responsible for helping the players develop their skills and improve their performance on the court.

They first crossed paths in 2004, started a romantic relationship in 2009, and eventually tied the knot in 2017.

Diana Taurasi

Diana Taurasi Controversy

Diana Taurasi, a professional basketball player, faced accusations of using a prohibited substance at one point.

However, she vehemently denied these allegations and claimed the laboratory was responsible for falsely accusing her.

She went as far as taking a polygraph test to demonstrate that she was innocent.

After a thorough investigation that lasted several months, it was determined that the laboratory report in question was found to be fraudulent.

As a result, Diana has been declared innocent, and all charges against her have been dropped. This event received significant coverage from the media.


Diana Taurasi Less Known Facts

  • Diana Taurasi does not smoke.
  • According to available information, Diana Taurasi does consume alcohol.
  • In July of 2001, Diana was honored to be named USA Basketball’s Female Athlete of the Month.
  • In her last two college seasons, she was recognized as ‘The Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four.’
  • In Diana’s first WNBA game in 2004, she made an incredible shot from three-quarters of the court just as the first half ended.
  • During the WNBA’s 15th anniversary celebration in 2011, Taurasi was recognized as one of the 15 greatest players in the league’s history.
  • She is the only player in the history of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) to consistently score 600 or more points in six consecutive seasons, specifically from 2006 to 2011.
  • The player has achieved a remarkable feat by scoring 30 points or more in five consecutive games, the highest number of such performances in the history of the WNBA.
  • Diana is a highly accomplished athlete with great success in her career. She has won three Olympic gold medals, which is a remarkable feat. Additionally, she has been crowned the champion of the Euroleague five times, demonstrating her exceptional basketball skills.
  • She has been recognized as the Euroleague Player of the Year twice, highlighting her outstanding performance and contributions to the sport.
  • Mario, the user’s father, had a career as a professional football player in Italy.
  • You were recognized as the National High School Player of the Year by Parade magazine in 2000.
  • She was a member of three NCAA championship teams at Connecticut, where she won the Naismith Player of the Year awards in 2003 and 2004. She also represented the United States in the Olympics and was part of the gold-medal-winning teams in 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016.
  • The phrase “appeared in the 2006 hoops docudrama” means that the person or subject being referred to was featured or shown in a documentary-style film about basketball that was released in 2006. Have confidence in my abilities as a basketball coach
  • In 2004, the Phoenix Mercury chose this player as the number one overall pick in the WNBA Draught.
  • The user was awarded the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title during the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) Finals 2014.
  • She did not play in the 2015 WNBA season because her Russian team, UMMC Ekaterinburg, asked her not to.


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