Sophia Smith :Bio, Age, Net Worth, News, Career (2023)

Sophia Olivia Smith, a prominent figure in American soccer, currently holds the position of forward for the esteemed Portland Thorns FC in the National Women’s Soccer League.

Additionally, she proudly represents the United States national team on the international stage.

She played soccer in college for Stanford University, which won the national title in 2019.


Sophia Olivia Smith is a soccer prodigy creating waves in the sporting world.

This accomplished athlete was born on August 10, 2000, and she is a pivotal player for Portland Thorns FC in the prestigious National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

She also proudly represents the United States national team.

Her journey to triumph began in March 2017 when she was selected for the senior national team and played in two international friendlies against Russia.

She has demonstrated herself to be a formidable opponent on the field due to her extraordinary skill and dedication.

Sophia’s brilliance shone brightly during her college years at Stanford University, where she contributed substantially to her team’s 2019 national championship victory.

Due to her exceptional abilities, the Thorns selected her as the first overall selection in the fiercely contested 2020 NWSL College Draft on January 16, 2020.

This monumental accomplishment solidified her status as a rising talent in women’s soccer.

Keep an eye on this sensational player as she continues to leave her mark on the soccer field and inspire admirers worldwide with her incredible talent and tenacity.

Sophia Smith


In a remarkable achievement, Smith, a highly talented soccer player, has emerged victorious in her professional career.

A noteworthy athlete has left an indelible mark on the international stage, representing the United States in various tournaments.

Her exceptional talent has earned her the distinction of holding records for the highest number of goals scored in youth matches.

In an exciting development, Smith has been selected to represent the senior national team in the upcoming FIFA U-20 World Cup. This prestigious tournament will showcase the talents of young footballers from around the globe.

Smith’s inclusion is a testament to his exceptional skills and dedication to the sport.

As part of the national team, Smith will have the opportunity to compete against some of the world’s most promising young players, providing a platform to showcase his abilities on an international stage further.

Football enthusiasts eagerly await Smith’s performance in this highly anticipated event.

In addition to her impressive accomplishments, she has achieved championship victories at the United States U20 and nationwide team levels.

In a similar vein, Smith’s exceptional talent and skill in the realm of professional soccer have garnered her numerous prestigious awards and well-deserved recognition.

In a significant move for the Portland Thorns FC, Sophia has been selected as their top choice recruit for 2020.

In a remarkable turn of events in 2022, an exceptional athlete emerged as the most valuable player in the league.

Her outstanding performance earned her the prestigious title of club MVP and played a crucial role in leading the Thorns to victory in the NWSL Championship.

With her remarkable skills and determination, she scored the first goal that set the tone for the team’s success.

As a result of her exceptional contributions, she was rightfully recognized as the Championship MVP, solidifying her status as a critical player in the team’s triumphant journey.

In a remarkable display of skill and talent, she achieved her first-ever professional hat trick in a resounding 4-1 victory over the Kansas City Current in April 2023.

A talented soccer player, Sophia has garnered numerous accolades and distinctions throughout her successful career.

With an impressive display of skill and determination, she achieved innumerable victories as a Stanford Cardinal and the Portland Thorns FC member.

Notably, she was pivotal in securing the NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer Championship title in 2019, showcasing her exceptional talent on the collegiate stage.

Additionally, she contributed significantly to her team’s success in various NWSL championships, further solidifying her status as a formidable force in women’s soccer.

Sophia Smith


In a thrilling match against Vietnam, Sophia Smith, a rising star in women’s soccer, made her highly anticipated debut for the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The talented athlete showcased her skills and determination on the field, leaving fans and experts impressed.

This significant milestone marks a pivotal moment in Smith’s career as she joins the ranks of elite players representing her country on the global stage.

In an impressive display of skill and teamwork, the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) emerged victorious in their latest match, securing a resounding 3-0 win.

Standout player Smith led the charge, showcasing her exceptional abilities by scoring two goals and assisting.

This remarkable performance highlights the USWNT’s dominance on the field and underscores Smith’s invaluable contributions to the team’s success.

In a remarkable display of skill and leadership, Smith performed excellently during the match, propelling the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) to a resounding victory.

In an impressive display of skill and precision, the talented athlete managed to secure her first goal in the 10th minute of the match.

Demonstrating her unwavering determination, she swiftly followed up with another goal in the 44th minute.

This remarkable achievement showcases her ability to seize opportunities and contribute significantly to her team’s success.

Smith showcased her exceptional skills in a thrilling soccer match by providing a crucial assist in the 24th minute.

During this moment, she expertly set up Lindsey Horan, who wasted no time in converting the opportunity into a goal.

This remarkable play undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping the game’s outcome.

In a remarkable display of talent and promise, Smith’s performance in the recent match showcased her abilities as a budding professional soccer player.

In a noteworthy collection of composure and skill, she captivated spectators with her exceptional ball control.

Not only that, but her sharp instincts for scoring goals left everyone in awe. In a remarkable display of skill and talent, her performance during the match was a promising indication of what lies ahead.

With high expectations placed upon her, she is anticipated to play a crucial part in the US Women’s National Team’s upcoming World Cup campaign.

Sophia Smith


Name:Sophia Olivia Smith
Nick Name:Sophie
Age:22 Years
Born:10 August 2000
Height:5′ 6″ft
Country of Origin:Windsor, Colorado, United States
Net Worth/Salary $4 Million
Husband/BoyfriendMichael Wilson
Relationship StatusUnmarried
Kids- 0
FatherKenny Smith
MotherMollie Smith
SiblingsSavannah Smith, Gabrielle Smith
Social MediaTwitter – Instagram – Facebook


Professional soccer player Sophia has amassed a significant net worth of $4 million, with an annual income of approximately $1 million from her successful soccer career. Meet one of the rising stars in the world of soccer, who has achieved remarkable success at a young age and amassed a significant fortune in her field.


In 2019, Sophia Smith and Michael Wilson embarked on a romantic relationship. In an exciting development, Wilson, a talented former Stanford football player, has recently revealed his intention to participate in the highly anticipated 2023 NFL Draft.

Having completed his studies and graduated in June 2022, Wilson is ready to embark on the next chapter of his football career.

This decision marks a significant milestone for the young athlete as he sets his sights on the opportunity to showcase his skills and potentially secure a spot in the prestigious NFL.

Sophia Smith


In addition to Sophia Smith online presence, it has been reported that she maintains a profile on the platform OnlyFans.

However, it is worth noting that no further details or information about her activities on this platform are currently accessible through public online sources.


  • A year that will live in infamy. Twenty-two thousand two was a watershed year for Sophia since it was the year that the Portland Thorns brought home their first NWSL Championship. She was honored as the Most Valuable Player of the 2022 NWSL Season, the Most Valuable Player of the NWSL Championship Game, and the U.S. Soccer Female Player of the Year.
  • Readings before the game. Reading is Sophia’s go-to pastime and favorite activity. Before each match, she enjoys curling up with a good book, and her go-to selections are romantic comedies.
  • Animal communication. A sugar glider, a tortoise, a bunny, fish, two parakeets, two Guinea pigs, and a dog were among the many animals that Sophia kept as pets when she was growing up. When she arrived in Portland, she registered on the Rover website to become a dog walker.
  • Hoops is a family name. As a result of her father’s participation in college basketball at the University of Wyoming, Sophia was exposed to the sport from an early age. In addition, both of Sophia’s sisters continued to play basketball after she graduated from high school at a competitive level.
  • The display of Sophia’s designs. When she was a child, Sophia frequently daydreamed about having a career as a professional athlete or interior designer with her very own program on HGTV. She says that her taste is clean, bohemian, and diverse all at the same time.
  • Fossil Ridge High School in Colorado’s Fort Collins was Smith’s high school of choice. She was named to the First Team All-Conference when she was only a freshman in high school. Smith also competed for the varsity basketball team at the school.
  • In 2018, Smith began his career as a collegiate soccer player at Stanford University, scoring seven goals in his debut season before tallying seventeen the following year.
  • During the 2019 College Cup, she won a hat trick vital to Stanford’s victory over UCLA in the semifinals. Stanford went on to win the national championship following a penalty shootout in the final.
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