John Ross :Bio, Age, Net Worth 2023 , Career

John Ellis Ross III used to be a wide receiver for the American football team. He went to college at the University of Washington and played football there. In the 2017 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals picked him ninth overall.


During his childhood, Ross had the opportunity to participate in Snoop Dogg’s All-Star League, showcasing his talent and passion for the sport.

Ross, a Long Beach, California resident, had the opportunity to pursue his high school education at Jordan High School.

In his athletic pursuits, he showcased his versatility by excelling in multiple disciplines. On the football field, he showcased his skills as a wide receiver and cornerback, demonstrating his ability to contribute on offense and defense.

Additionally, he displayed his speed and agility by participating in track events. In the 2013 CIF Southern Section Division 1 final, Ross, a senior, achieved an impressive third-place finish in the 100-meter race.

Crossing the finish line with 10.66 seconds, Ross showcased his exceptional speed and athleticism.

In an impressive display of speed and athleticism, the individual in question achieved a remarkable time of 21.56 seconds in the 200-meter race.

This noteworthy accomplishment showcases their exceptional ability to cover a significant distance in a relatively short period.

In a recent evaluation by ESPN, Ross, a highly talented individual, has been given a prestigious four-star recruit status.

This recognition places him among the top prospects in California, explicitly ranking him at an impressive No. 49 overall.

In a significant decision, the individual has committed to join the esteemed University of Washington to pursue a college football career.



In a remarkable turn of events, John Ross, the aspiring football player, saw his lifelong dream materialize with astonishing speed.

The Cincinnati Bengals, in a move that left no room for doubt, selected Ross as their top choice in the first round of the highly anticipated 2017 NFL draft.

The young athlete’s talent and potential were recognized by the Bengals, who wasted no time in securing him as the 9th overall pick.

This pivotal moment marked the beginning of Ross’ professional football career, a moment he had eagerly awaited for years.

On May 7, 2017, the individual in question officially inked a four-year rookie contract valued at $17.1 million.

They were also granted a generous signing bonus of $10.6 million as part of this agreement.

In a recent development, a football player hailing from Long Beach, California, has issued a cautionary statement regarding his position on the team’s comprehensive receiver depth chart.

The player currently ranks sixth wide receiver, trailing behind notable teammates such as Brandon LaFell, Cody Core, Tyler Boyd, Josh Malone, and the team’s first pick, AJ Green.

In his NFL debut, he began his professional football journey with a defeat against the Houston Texans.

Unfortunately, his performance in the game was not up to par, as he recorded a fumble on his first and only pass attempt. In his rookie season, Ross could play in 10 games.

However, he only participated in 2 of those games. Unfortunately, he did not manage to record any statistics during those appearances.

During the remainder of his junior season, the athlete was unable to participate in games due to a shoulder injury, which led to him being placed on the injured reserve list.

The footballer’s current career trajectory is not aligned with his initial expectations, which disappoints him and his loved ones.

In anticipation of his return, there is optimism that he will again demonstrate his financial commitment to the team.


Ross, a promising college graduate, has garnered attention from draft experts and analysts who predict that he will be chosen in the first round.

Recently, an individual has emerged as a prominent figure in the football world.

This individual, specializing in the wide receiver position, has garnered significant attention and recognition for their exceptional skills.

Notably, esteemed NFL analyst Bucky Brooks has ranked this individual as the second-best wide receiver before a crucial event known as the combine.

This recognition further solidifies the individual’s status as one of the top players in their field. In a remarkable display of athleticism, a highly regarded broad receiver prospect recently made waves at the NFL Combine.

This talented individual received an exclusive invitation to the prestigious event and surpassed Chris Johnson’s long-standing record time in the 40-yard dash.

In a recent athletic event, Ross displayed an impressive performance, scoring 4.22.

However, towards the conclusion of his run, he, unfortunately, experienced a setback as he strained his calf muscles while executing a pull-up maneuver.

Due to calf injuries, the individual struggled to complete all the designated combined drills and could not make a second attempt at the 40-yard dash.

In a recent development, Ross, a notable athlete, appeared at Washington’s Pro Day. However, it is worth mentioning that Ross solely participated in positional drills during the event.

The following day, the individual underwent a surgical procedure to repair a torn labrum in their shoulder.

In the latest draft rankings, ESPN has placed him as the third-best broad receiver prospect. Similarly, Sports Illustrated and have ranked him the second-best overall receiver prospect.

These assessments highlight his strong potential and talent in the wide receiver position, making him a highly sought-after option in the upcoming draft.



Name:John Ellis Ross III
Nick Name:John
27 years
Born:27 November 1995
Height:5′ 11″ft
Weight:190 lbs
Country of Origin: American
Net Worth/Salary$12.27 million
Relationship StatusUnmarried
Kids- N/A
FatherJohn Ross Jr.
MotherDayna Mitchell
Siblings4 bothers and 1 sister
Social MediaTwitter – Instagram – Facebook


John Ross, the talented wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, has recently made headlines for his impressive net worth.

According to reports, Ross has amassed an estimated $12.27 million over two seasons.

This remarkable achievement places him among the elite ranks of active NFL players as they enter the 2019 season.

Ross’s financial success is a testament to his skill and dedication on the football field, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in professional sports.

In 2018, he earned an impressive $3.89 million, securing the 52nd spot among wide receivers and the 390th position overall in the National Football League (NFL).

In the team, Andy Dalton is the highest-paid player, earning an impressive $16.2 million. Following closely behind is A.J. Green, who commands a salary of $15.8 million.



In a disappointing turn of events, Ross, a promising rookie, was forced to sit out a significant portion of his debut season due to a series of unfortunate injuries.

Initially, he encountered knee troubles, which hindered his ability to contribute to the court.

Unfortunately, his misfortune continued as he later suffered a shoulder injury, further prolonging his absence from the game.

The outcome of his initial season could have been more productive and impressive, resulting in widespread criticism and disappointment.

In the 2018 season opener against the Indianapolis Colts, he made his mark by recording his first touchdown.

In an exciting matchup, the Bengals emerged victorious with a final score of 34-23. On February 27, 2019, he was included in the trade list.



Limited information is available regarding the wife of the individual in question.


  • From the beginning of his football career, he was tutored by rapper Snoop Dogg. According to John, his relationship with Snoop began one day when he went to watch the rapper’s team, Snoop Youth Football League. As John and his mother approached the rapper for an autograph, he recognized John, and the youngster instantly became a part of the rapper’s gang. John’s friendship with the rapper has only grown stronger over time.
  • According to the account, John decided to give up sports throughout high school due to the numerous pressures he received from others to enhance his ability. His grandmother was the one who persuaded him to reconsider this matter.
  • In 2017, John Ross’ NFL career stats amounted to nothing. As previously stated, he has zero touchdowns, one rushing attempt, and 12 rushing yards.Along with being a first-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, John Ross’s career achievements include being named to the 2016 All-Pac-12 First Team and the Associated Press All-Pac-12 Team Year (2016).
  • While verifying any of the figures circulating as the wide receiver’s net worth would be imprudent, it is general knowledge that the four-year contract he signed with the Bengals after being picked is worth 17.1 million dollars. The agreement included a $10.6 million signing bonus.
  • Among other factors, John’s physical qualities are considered one of his limitations in the sport. He stands 11 inches (1.80 m) tall and weighs 86 kg (190 lbs). Additional specifics about his measurements are unknown, although his hand size is 8 34 in (0.22 m), and his arm length is 31 12 in (0.80 m).




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