Millie Bright :Bio, Age, Net Worth, News, Career (2023)

Millie Bright is a professional football defender ,She previously played for Doncaster Belles and Leeds Ladies and England’s under-19 and under-23 sides. Bright was named the 2016 Vauxhall England Young Player of the Year.


Millie Bright, a promising talent in the football industry, was born on August 21, 1993, in England.

Her natural passion and unwavering excitement for the game were evident from a young age.

Bright’s fondness for football has transformed into something more significant than a hobby. It has become her primary passion, driving her ambitions and shaping her goals.

Bright’s dedication to the game was apparent from a young age, as she devoted countless hours to honing her skills.

A young girl was often seen practicing her soccer skills in the local parks, dedicating herself to improving her abilities and deepening her understanding of the game.

Her boundless energy and unwavering determination were on full display in every training session and game she participated in.

Millie Bright


In the early stages of her career, Millie embarked on her football journey, showcasing her skills on the field. She joined the esteemed Club Doncaster Rovers Belles, where she honed her talents and gained valuable experience.

The club in question is a well-established professional football club hailing from England. It proudly competes in the prestigious FA Women’s League North, showcasing its players’ immense talent and skill on the field.

A dedicated individual has significantly enhanced her endurance and abilities, resulting in praise from coaches and teammates.

In the highly competitive second tier of the FA Women’s Super League, the outstanding performance of a talented player has garnered attention from scouts representing top clubs.

From 2011 to 2012, she had the opportunity to showcase her skills as she was loaned to Leeds United. In a recent development, Chelsa’s assistant manager, who has now taken on the manager role, strongly urged Chelsa to enter into a contractual agreement with the organization.

In a significant move that sent shockwaves through the football world, the talented athlete made her official commitment to Chelsea in 2014, paving the way for an exciting 2015 season.

Since then, she has remained a steadfast member of the esteemed club, showcasing her skills and dedication. In her debut season with Chelsea, she showcased exceptional defensive skills, playing a crucial role in her team’s impressive second-place finish.

Chelsea achieved ten wins, two draws, and two losses throughout the regular season. Chelsea’s recent victory has secured their spot in the prestigious UEFA Champions League for the second time in the club’s history.

In an impressive debut season, she emerged victorious in the WSL1 and the Women’s FA Cup while playing for Chelsea.

In a remarkable turn of events, the highly anticipated second season of the show she was proved to be just as impressive as its predecessor.

This exciting development comes on the heels of a significant career move made by a talented individual in 2017. During that year, she secured a lucrative three-year contract with a prestigious club, solidifying her position in the industry.

In that particular season, her performance was nothing short of exceptional. In a remarkable display of talent and dedication, she has proudly represented the England national team across multiple age categories, including the U-17, U-20, and U-23 squads.

Her exceptional skills and unwavering commitment have earned her the privilege of donning the prestigious England jersey at various stages of her promising career.

Millie Bright


In December 2014, Millie began her professional journey by signing with the renowned football club Chelsea.

In a recent development, Paul Green, the assistant manager of Chelsea Football Club, expressed his admiration for a specific individual, Chelsea.

Green had nothing but positive remarks about her, highlighting her impressive qualities.

Chelsea emerged as the top contender in the regular season, securing an impressive record of 10 wins, two draws, and two losses.

This outstanding performance earned them a spot in the prestigious 2016-17 UEFA Women’s Champions League.

In the 2015 season, she had the opportunity to showcase her skills on the field for Chelsea on fourteen occasions. Throughout these appearances, she accumulated a combined playing time of 906 minutes.


Millie, a talented young athlete, has proudly represented England in various youth national teams, including the under-23 squad.

In a thrilling match against the United States, an impressive goal was scored by a talented player. This remarkable achievement caught the attention of Mark Sampson, the esteemed coach of the England National Team.

Recognizing her exceptional skills, Sampson granted her the honor of receiving her first cap for the senior England National Team.

Notably, she was chosen to represent her country in May’s highly anticipated 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Demonstrating her skills and dedication, she participated in two of the three group matches and the Round of 16, Quarter Final, and Semi-Final matches.


Name:Millie Bright
Nick Name:Millie
21 August 1993
Height:5′ 10″ft
Weight:170 lbs
Country of Origin:Great Britain
Net Worth/Salary $2 Million
Husband/Boyfriend Levi Crew
Relationship StatusUnmarried
Kids- N/A
FatherNicola Bright And Steve
MotherNicola Bright
Social MediaTwitter – Instagram – Facebook


In the latest financial report, it has been revealed that Millie, a prominent figure, has an estimated net worth of approximately $2 million US as of 2023.

This significant figure highlights her financial success and underscores her position as a notable individual in the public eye.

According to recent estimates, her average salary is reported to be approximately $43,000 US.

Similarly, it is worth noting that she is the esteemed brand ambassador for the renowned sports brand Adidas.

Millie Bright


A woman, hailing from Derbyshire, came into this world in the year 1993. The path to football was a challenging one for her, starting from her childhood.

Throughout her life, she consistently faced a multitude of health challenges. In a recent medical evaluation, it was determined that she was diagnosed with both Asthma and Pneumonia at a young age.

Despite experiencing a severe asthma episode that required hospitalization, she persevered and successfully balanced her health challenges with her passion for football.

In a fascinating revelation, it has come to light that she has not one, but two older sisters who were actively involved in the world of football from a young age.

This intriguing piece of information sheds light on her family’s passion for the sport and provides valuable insight into her upbringing.

Chelsea player earns a salary of $43,000 and has an estimated net worth of $2 million. In recent news, it has been reported that she is currently in a romantic relationship with Levi Crew.

Millie Bright


  • Millie Bright was raised as the third of three children. She used to play football with her elder sisters when she was younger, and they combined it with horseback riding. She is, however, the only one who has gone professional. One of her sisters works as a nurse at Nightingale Hospital.
  • Millie Bright was not always a defender, even though she appears to be a natural defender. She began her career as a midfielder before being switched to a defender. She admitted to watching John Terry’s DVDs to become a better defender.
  • Millie’s mother, Nicola Bright, is the Chelsea player’s biggest supporter. Nicola joined the faculty at Sheffield Road School in Killamarsh when Millie started school to be closer to her daughter. She has grown to be Millie’s biggest fan throughout the years.Similarly, all of her family members do not fail to support her. Her father, Steve Bright, grandfather Arthur Bramall, grandma Margaret, uncle Andrew, and the rest of her family have always been there for her.
  • Millie used to date her ex-boyfriend, who worked as a First Assistant at Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club on the Pam Barton Course in 2019.She appeared to be in a relationship with Levi Crew at the time. No one knows how they met and started going out together.


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