Nyheim Hines :Bio, Age, Net Worth, News, Career (2023)

Nyheim Hines is a Buffalo Bills running back and punt returner. He was picked by the Indianapolis Colts in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft after playing football at NC State.


Nyheim Hines, a talented football player, hails from Garner, North Carolina, and is known for its passion for the sport.

Growing up in a family that shared his love for football, Hines was nurtured in an environment that fostered his athletic abilities.

Nyheim Hines, a talented athlete, had the privilege of attending Garner High School, showcasing his skills in sports such as football, track, and field.

A high school senior achieved a remarkable feat on the football field with an impressive display of skill and athleticism.

Throughout his final year, he demonstrated exceptional speed and agility, rushing for an astounding total of over 1,600 yards.

Not only did he amass an impressive yardage, but he also found the end zone an incredible 35 times, showcasing his ability to score touchdowns.

Recognizing his outstanding performance, he was honored with the prestigious title of North Carolina Gatorade Player of the Year, solidifying his status as a standout player in the state.

Nyheim Hines, a talented football player, chose to pursue his athletic career at North Carolina State University.

During his time there, he showcased his exceptional skills as a running back, leaving a lasting impact on the field.

During his second year in college, he achieved an impressive feat by rushing for over 1,100 yards and scoring 12 touchdowns.

This outstanding performance led to him being recognized as a member of the prestigious First-Team All-ACC.

Nyheim Hines, a talented football player, decided to enter the 2018 NFL Draft after completing his junior year.

Following the draft process, Hines was selected by the Indianapolis Colts in the fourth round.



Nyheim Hines, an American Football player, was born on November 12, 1996. The personal lives of public figures often pique the curiosity of many individuals, leading them to search for information about their favorite personalities.

In the case of Nyheim Hines, an American football player, his parents have become a highly sought-after topic on the internet.

In this article, we will explore the background of Nyheim Hines, including details about his parents and other relevant information.

In a recent study conducted by our research team, it has been revealed that Darrin Nyheim Hines and Nannette Miller have been identified as the parents of Nyheim Hines.

]This significant finding sheds light on the familial background of the prominent individual, providing valuable insights into his personal life.


The beginning of the running back’s professional career can be traced back to his time at Garner Magnet High School.

He could score seven touchdowns in a single game and was one of the most productive and effective players on the field.

During his senior season, he could rush for 242 yards, have 7,299 yards, and score 126 touchdowns.

An outstanding football player who has compiled remarkable statistics and has committed to playing for the University of North Carolina in their collegiate football program.

After walking through the doors of the University of North Carolina as a true freshman, he provided his finest performance on the field. He trained as hard as he possibly could.

Things worked out excellently during his junior year, during which he recorded 1,112 yards on 197 carries with 12 touchdowns.

The running back was also a member of the track squad and had personal bests in the 100-meter dash (10.34 seconds) and the 200-meter dash (21.31 seconds).

The 26-year-old finished his collegiate career with 1400 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns to his credit. He entered his name into the pool for the 2018 NFL draft.

The fantasy of the running back became a reality when the Indianapolis Colts selected him in the fourth round, 104th overall, of the 2018 NFL Draft.

At the time, he was in the fourth round of the draft. His first game was against the Cincinnati Bengals, and ever since then, he’s been working hard to improve.

The 26-year-old has finished his career in the National Football League, having played for the Colts and the Bills for a combined five seasons.

He has 301 carries for 1197 yards, 236 receptions for 1734 yards, and 19 touchdowns to his name.



Nyheim Hines, a talented football player, embarked on his athletic journey during high school. He showcased his skills as a member of the Garner Trojans football team.

Afterward, he continued his football career at North Carolina State University, where he achieved great success as a standout running back.

Nyheim Hines, a talented football player, was chosen by the Indianapolis Colts in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft. He currently serves as a running back and kick returner for the team.

Nyheim Hines, a player for the Indianapolis Colts, has consistently demonstrated his versatility and dynamic abilities throughout his career.

With a distinct skill set, Hines has become a precious asset to the Colts. Renowned for his remarkable speed, agility, and exceptional catching prowess, he has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in both running back and kick return.


Name:Nyheim Hines
Nick Name:Nightmare
Age:26 Years
Born:12 November 1996
Height:5′ 9″ft
Weight:200 lbs
Country of Origin:North Carolina, U.S.
Net Worth/Salary $7 Million
Relationship StatusSingle
Kids- N/A
FatherDarrin Hines
MotherNannette Miller
SiblingsNyah Hines
Social MediaTwitter – Instagram – Facebook


In a remarkable display of athleticism, the 26-year-old individual has showcased exceptional speed and agility.

However, the number of these unique qualities the individual possesses remains to be discovered. The estimated net worth of the running back is currently at an impressive 7 million dollars.

As the young champion’s professional career continues to advance, his net worth is expected to increase steadily.

If everything goes according to plan, he has the potential to accumulate significant wealth and achieve widespread fame.


In a recent development during Week 5 of the highly anticipated 2022 NFL season, Nyheim Hines, the talented player from the Indianapolis Colts, unfortunately, encountered an injury.

During the recent Thursday Night Football game against the Denver Broncos, Nyheim Hines, a player for the opposing team, experienced a forceful collision early on.

As a result, he appeared visibly unstable and struggled to regain his footing, requiring his teammates’ assistance.

In a recent incident, Hines exhibited gross motor instability, as witnessed by his stumbling and nearly falling, with his legs buckling under him.

In a recent football game, Hines, a player on the field, suffered an injury during the third play of the game.

The injury occurred when Hines caught a 5-yard pass from his teammate, Matt Ryan.

In a surprising turn of events, a sudden hit happened in the opening quarter of the match.



In recent news, it has been confirmed that Nyheim Hines, the talented football player, is not married.

In a recent interview, Hines revealed his personal life, stating that he is currently in a relationship. However, he chose to keep the identity of his partner undisclosed.


It has been revealed that the individual in question has not yet assumed the role of a father.

Reports suggest that the individual in question is currently prioritizing their professional pursuits, with plans to embark on parenthood when the circumstances align favorably.


As a professional football player, Nyheim Hines has accomplished a great deal. He has developed into a critical contributor for the Indianapolis Colts.

He has contributed to the team’s success on the field. In 2020, Nyheim Hines set a new single-game touchdown record of three for the Colts when he scored all three against the New York Jets.

The uniqueness and adaptability of Nyheim Hines’s skill set have also garnered him praise. More than 1,000 return yards in 2019 attest to his prowess as a kick returner and his function as a running back.

Throughout his football career, Nyheim Hines has won several honors and accolades. He was named the North Carolina high school senior Gatorade Player of the Year.

Nyheim Hines received First-Team All-ACC honors as a sophomore and Second-Team honors as a junior while attending college.

Nyheim Hines has gone a long way in the NFL and is now a highly regarded and prized member of the team’s roster.

He hasn’t slowed down in his efforts to become a better player, and his passion and tenacity will undoubtedly lead to even greater success in the future.



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